9th International Conference on X-Ray Microscopy
July 21 - 25, Zürich, Switzerland


X-ray microscopy is a rapidly expanding field. Thanks to advances in synchrotron and laboratory based x-ray sources and to improvements in x-ray optics, it is now possible to investigate matter with x-rays down to spatial scales of a few 10nm. By exploiting polarization, phase and tunable energy of the x-rays a wealth of imaging and contrast mechanisms are available.

Using emerging techniques like coherent imaging and ever improving focussing devices spatial resolutions below 10nm seem feasable in the near future.

XRM2008 will bring together the world wide community working on instrumentation and application of x-ray microscopy. It will serve as a forum to present the current status and discuss future directions. XRM2008 follows a series of highly successfull conferences which has started in G÷ttingen 1984.

To broaden the view of people working in the field of x-ray microscopy, XRM2008 will also feature non x-ray based microscopy techniques. This will hopefully stimulate collaborations and further progress in the field.