9th International Conference on X-Ray Microscopy
July 21 - 25, Zürich, Switzerland

Conference Program

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Note: Reception & registration Sunday 20 July, 16:30 - 19:00 @ GEP Pavillon in front of ETH Main Bulding Details ...

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
21 July, 2008 22 July, 2008 23 July, 2008 24 July, 2008 25 July, 2008
08:30 Registration Chapman: Coh. imaging at FLASH   Hwa Shik Youn: Bio-fibers & hard X-ray microscopy Cloetens: Hard X-ray Nanotomography
09:00 Opening Kirz: History & future of XRM
Schlotter: Single shot coherent imaging Nishino: Hard X-ray coherent imaging Ludwig: Diffraction contrast tomography
Maser: Hard X-ray nanoprobe
09:30 Nelson: Coherent diffraction imaging of cells Larabell: Quantitative
bio imaging
Brennan: Nano-tomography of a comet
Jacobsen: WMI ceremony & lecture
Break Break Break Break
10:00 Break
10:30 Salome: Fluorescence microscopy Rodenburg:
Electron holography
Streched proteins
STED & 4Pi microscopy
Suzuki: Imaging, holography & tomography
Kaulich: TwinMic at Elettra Hitchcock: STXM tomography
Thibault: Ptychographic imaging Sasaki: Functional membrane proteins
Feser: Commercial
X-ray microscopy
11:30 Holzner: Fluorescence & phase contrast microscopy Ade: STXM - from science to applications
Vogt: Endogenous metals in cells
Salditt: Coherent imaging Vila Comamala: X-ray diffractive optics
Bergmann: Archimedes manuscript
Lee: Hard X-ray phase contrast microscopy Quitmann, Michette: Closing
Lunch Lunch
12:30 Lunch Announcement
Lunch at PSI
13:30 Williams: Divergent beam & coherence
14:00 Otero:
Dynamic STM
Hertz: Lab x-ray micro imaging Heim: Full field microscopy
McNulty: Orbital momentum photons
Visit of PSI & SLS
Benk: X-rays from discharge plasma Aoki: Zernike microscopy
Schroer: Refractive lens microscopy
Saito: SR-STM
15:00 Sandberg: Table-top diffractive imaging
Boat trip on Lake Zürich

Visit of Rapperswil

Conference dinner
on the boat
Ono: Nanosheets Sakdinawat: Specialized diffractive optics
Presentation XRM2011 candidates & vote
Poster session 1 Break
Poster session 2
16:00 Stoll: Magnetic vortex dynamics
Fischer: Magn. dynamics with TXM
17:00 Eimüller: Magnetic TXM
until 18:00 End ca. 22:00 until 18:30 until 18:00
Methods Coherence Bio-microscopy Lab-microscopy Magnetic Materials
Tomography Poster Formal Excursion